Seo Cockpit Website Review & Ratings + Seo Cockpit Coupons
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Seo Cockpit Website Review & Ratings + Seo Cockpit Coupons

Seo Cockpit: Products & Services

SEO Cockpit is a software program that assists companys to optimize their websites to improve their standing with search engines, specifically Google.  Although there are many free and for pay programs out there that cover this important area, this program not only provides concise information quickly, it also provides plans to optimize a website. 

SEO Cockpit is able to eliminate those options that are almost impossible to bump out of their position and provides options that can be attacked by the company.   In order for a company to succeed, it must create a new need or push out those companies already in the market place.  On the interenet, the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one way to do this.  While the company does not claim to know all of the statistics used by Google to rank websites, a number are known and these methods such as keywords and backlinks are used to increase the visibility of the company.

Seo Cockpit: Company Background

SEO Cockpit was written and put into use in 2010.  Based in Swizterland, the program code is available in German and English.  The software will work with any language that is used by Google.  In 2012 the business became completely owned by the founders when it bought out its software support company.  SEO Cockpit continues to be run by its founders, Sam Haenni and Shane Melaugh, and is listed as an internet marketing company.  The company is headquartered in Bern, Switzerland.

Seo Cockpit: Customer Feedback & Reviews

SEO Cockpit has very positive reviews from its customers.  One website rated the company as 4/5 with 7 reviews.  Another company rated the software at 8.9 out of 10.  Here are some sample reivews:

  • SEOCockpit is the best I've seen in the last years I’m working with searching for niches. In 24 hours I found more than 15 diamonds already. The possibility of choosing language and area is really great. Combining it with Google Insight gives the real proof of having a niche and being able to work on a specific project with great chances of earning money.
  • I have studied keyword research for over 2 years now and have used just about every tool out there. Some are good but there is nothing that comes close to SEOCockpit.
  • As keyword research is such a critical part of internet marketing, I like to use various tools to help me find me great keywords. I’ve been using SEOCockpit since it was first released and it is by far and away the most comprehensive, accurate, fastest and easy to use keyword research tool I’ve ever used.
  • I have been using SEOCockpit for two purposes, firstly to research higher value products on that I can write HubPages about and earn affiliate commissions on and secondly, to research niches with a good cpc that are not too difficult to rank for as I am fairly new to online marketing.The Amazon research was very successful and brought almost immediate results over the Christmas period with just over $3,000 in Amazon sales in December, earning me around $200 in affiliate fees.
Seo Cockpit: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

SEO Cockpit is not a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and does not have any ranking or comments listed by the BBB.  This makes sense because the company is Swiss.  The product, SEO Cockpit is well known in the SEO industry and is frequently mentioned in the industry media.  I don't see any certifications or awards for this company at this time.

Seo Cockpit: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa shows that this company's website is not that popular in the United States where it ranks about 26,400.  Globally, the site ranks about 29,000 which is a higher rank.  SEO Cockpit receives about 14 percent of its visitors from the United States followed by Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and India.  The site recieves about 34,000 views per day and is ranked 4/10 by Google's Page Rank.  The average visitor is over the age of 35, male with some college and visits the site from home.

Seo Cockpit: Social Media Presence

SEO Cockpit is not too prevelent on social media.  There is also a Facebook page with about 1000 members on which the company posts several times a month.  There is also a company blog which can be found at  There is a Twitter page but it has no tweets on this page.  It looks like it is fairly new.

Seo Cockpit: Website Security & Safety

SEO Cockpit uses the lastest in SSL technology to process its payments.  The company only accepts Paypal or major credit cards which also have their own data encryption for security.  SEO Cockpit does not share its customers data with other companies.   Company payment information is not held by SEO Cockpit; it is held by the website store company which is Amazon.

Seo Cockpit: Pricing & Packages

SEO Cockpit is not a cheap compared to some SEO software products.  SEO Cockpit is much faster than many products and seems to give fairly accurate data results, unlike some products in the past.  Here are some price comparisons.  These price comparisons are simply the lowest cost of the product; they don't compare capabilities of the product.  Many SEO software products have "upgrades" to improve the services provided.

SEO Cockpit:  $97/month

Authority Labs:  $49/month

Market Samuri:  $149 (one time)

Ultimate Niche Finder:  $50 (one time)

Traffic Travis:  Free

Seo Cockpit: Shipping Rates & Policies

SEO Cockpit is currently downloaded to its customers.  There is no charge for shipping or any products that are delivered directly to the customer via a shipping company.  SEO Cockpit does accept customers from around the world since the items are downloaded directly over the internet.  The customer has to simply be able to use one of the pay forms accepted by the company.

Seo Cockpit: Payment Methods Accepted

SEO Cockpit accepts four major credit cards.  These are American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard.  Debit cards are accepted that are affiliated with one of the credit cards accepted by the company.  SEO Cockpit does not accept money orders, checks or cash.  It does accept Paypal as an alternative for of payment.  Any questions should be referred to customer service.

Seo Cockpit: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

SEO Cockpit offers a 30-day unconditional return policy.  After 30 days, the company will not refund any of the membership money if a long term membership was purchased.  Monthly memberships require 30-days notice to terminate.  The company offers a 30-day free trial for any new member.   Any questions about cancellation should be referred to customer service.  Monthly charges can be cancelled by having the credit provider cancel the monthly charge.

Seo Cockpit: Product images & screenshots
Seo Cockpit Coupons
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